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Introduction March 14, 2013

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Last year I started my journey, in becoming as self sufficient as I can be. Learning how to grow and preserve my own food, including meat. That journey is continuing and I felt it important that I try to document it as best as I can, so that I;

  • 1. have something to look back on.
  • 2. have a place to share my thoughts and experiences easily with family and friends
  • 3. hopefully help others gain the confidence to do this themselves.

The more I learn about the things we buy from the store to eat, the stronger my desire becomes to avoid those items. The manufacturing process, the growing practices and the lack of care that is in the food supply these days, is downright scary. There is no thought to how it will affect those that are eating it, the only thought goes into how they can make more, make it faster, make it last longer and make more money. And that bothers me, a lot.

So I want to welcome you to my little spot on the web, where I will post our successes, and our failures. Because we only learn by failing. My 3 children will be with helping with this journey, as my desire is to instill in them the knowledge and the drive, to no longer succumb to what is considered “normal” and to do things for themselves. My hope is, when they are older, this will be what is normal, this will be what is natural. It won’t be whats always easiest, or fastest. But it will be what is the most rewarding.

I do want to put up a warning on here. Not only will we be gardening and preserving our harvest, we will be raising our own meat animals as well. My goal is give them the best life possible, while they are here with us. Their time may be short, but they will be happy, healthy and get to live their lives as they should. So please understand that, if you start reading my blog, that I will be discussing this. It is an important part in becoming self sufficient and its, in my opinion, the natural order of things. I know that not all agree with that, so I wanted to put this little warning up. I look forward to getting to know all that decide to take this journey with me!




One Response to “Introduction”

  1. Windy Melton Says:

    instead of packing seeds for you, im reading your blog. what a great friend i am. 😉

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