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On my garden agenda March 16, 2013

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I am, once again, researching what I will be doing with my garden this year. I had great success with my squash, corn and beans last year and had found this then, but did not implement it. I did a little bit of companion planting, but this year, I am taking that a little bit further. There are a lot of plants that compliment each other, either in improving growth, taste of the fruit, or in preventing pests. Plus, I loved seeing the pretty flowers interspersed with my beautiful vegetable plants!

A Three Sisters Garden is something I am definitely interested in trying. You can read more about it here: and I will definitely take pictures and document how it goes! I won’t be doing all of my corn, or beans, this way, but planning on maybe doing 1/2 of them this way. We are not huge squash fans, but I do like growing things I can then feed my animals as well.


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