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Busy! April 24, 2013

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I have been fairly busy the past few weeks and have totally neglected my blog! I am sorry 🙂 I went and visited my sister in CA for a few days, and that was a much needed break and fun! I hadn’t seen her in a year, so it was definitely past time! During that time, the butcher came out and got my pigs. I now have a freezer full of meat and I am so thankful they have provided our family with food. I miss them, for sure though, and look forward to getting another batch this fall.

My seedlings are doing awesome! So awesome, that they really are ready to go outside. Unfortunately, I keep waking up to snow :/ I thought it was almost the end of April?! I know here in Montana though, the weather is very unpredictable, and who knows when it will be time to plant! So I may be setting containers up for this stuff until they can go out full time.


Beans in a pot! I am really excited about getting beans early and so far, they are doing well!


My freezer! This makes me SO happy and I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. 90% of this freezer contains things I have grown or raised. There are vegetables from my garden last year, chicken that I raised last summer and pork! I am picking up another freezer this week, and hoping I can get this one defrosted. I need to paint it as well, since it is now a “in the house” freezer and not a garage freezer! Thinking chalkboard or dry erase paint. Then we can write notes, keep a record of what is IN the freezer, ect.


Blah! I know we need the moisture, but I am really over snow. I love the stuff.. in the winter. I saw a meme on Facebook the other day, that said we are currently celebrating “Sprinter” How accurate! Most of this snow is now gone though, but more is in the forecast.



Food Preservation April 5, 2013

Last year, I taught myself how to can. I did not do any pressure canning, but will be venturing into that this year. I did tomatoes, along with spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce. I also pickled peppers, green beans and made lots of pickles, that did not last as long as I had hoped! I was able to get fruit from local orchards, so had some apricots, peaches and apples as well. I had a great time, and learned a lot! These are a few of the websites I referred to, and the pickle recipe I used, that everyone LOVED! I hope these are helpful!

Simply Canning:

Food In Jars:
the beloved pickle recipe:

This one is awesome not only for canning, but freezing as well.
Pick Your Own:

And of course, the USDA site:

There are a lot of others that I have saved on Pinterest, and will be going through them this year, as I need to put up probably 2-3x what I did last year. Here is my Pinterest board:



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I know I am early with some of these, but I wanted to get a head start in case some didnt make it! There are some that have not come up, so I will need to get more seeds.


See my seedling guardian? Silly cat.