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Back from our trip! May 20, 2013

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We had a GREAT time in California for my sisters wedding and our little vacation on the coast on the way home. I was honored to stand by my sister as she was married and I am so excited for her on this new journey! We took a detour on our way home and stopped multiple times on the California and Oregon coasts. We took the kids to Ocean World in Crescent City and Wild Game Safari in Bandon, OR, where we pet a baby bear! I took so many pictures and we saw a lot of sea life. The kids had a blast and we cannot wait until we can get back!

Now that I am home, its time to get this garden whipped into shape! I am also planning on when I will be ordering a new batch of meat chickens, probably mid June. I have 5 rows in the garden and a short wide one for the carrots. The rototiller we were using died half way through, so it looks like shoveling the rest will be in the works. Thank goodness we were able to plow it with the tractor first! I also started putting up fencing, I plan on using hot wire and chicken wire, and other natural repellent methods to keep the rabbits, deer, antelope and birds out! Lets hope I am successful and do not lose much to them.

I cannot wait to get back into this blog and get to growing food! I hope everyone has had a great May so far! We are finally enjoying SUN and RAIN! The rain is desperately needed for the farmers crops all around us.


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