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Potatoes! May 24, 2013

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The sun was shining and I took full advantage and got my potatoes outside! I think they were ready, as they were trying to grow OUT of the box! Some of them had shoots 10-12″ tall! So I constructed some cages out of chicken wire, and hauled them outside. As the potato plants grow, I will add dirt and straw to the cage, until it is full. This should give me potatoes all through the cage. Potato plants will get tall and produce more with this method, at least, that is what I have been told 🙂


Here, you can see one cage with straw lining the bottom, and the other one with straw, and then a couple inches of dirt on top of it.



The photo above just shows an empty cage. I went ahead and wired the bottoms as well, thinking it would prevent anything from digging INTO the cages.

Now they all have straw!


Here you can see, they are ready for potatoes! I stopped at this point, as it was still a little cool, and let the soil warm up for a bit. We had a plant sale to hit up and some errands, so it was a great place to take a break.


AND I was hoping the garden would dry out a little bit. I put the potatoes in an unmulched area, so it was a tad muddy from last nights rain! I think I should get gardening boots too


In this one, I planted all the potatoes, if you look at the one on the right, you can see where some of the shoots are on the dirt. Since they have not been outside yet, I mulched lightly around them, which is what the photo on the left shows.


Look at me! I can grow inside! 🙂 They were more than ready to be planted!


All planted and watered! I am hoping for lots of potatoes to put in my basement for the fall


Peek a boo baby potato plant ♥ One of the mounds we ended up needing as well! We have 4 potato cages and 3 mounds! With 4 different types of potatoes


I am so excited I am finally able to get things planted! I cannot wait to see how my potato towers/cages do! I did end up having to plant some in a few mounds, so I am hoping I do not lose them to something. I had more seed potatoes than I thought!


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