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And we have plants! May 26, 2013

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I went to a local plant sale on Friday. Picked up tomatoes, peppers, broccoli,  cabbage, herbs and flowers. And was given a giant aloe! I am really excited about the aloe, as I have been using it on my face lately, with good results. But I am having a hard time finding aloe in the stores that is just aloe, and felt guilty pulling leaves off my tiny aloe plant. So I will be separating this one up into other pots and hope they all thrive!

If you would like to check out the companion planting list I have decided on using this year, check out this great site:


Got some electric fencing up, hoping to deter little critters (and no, I do not mean my kids! hehe) from coming into the garden. I am going to pick up some bone meal as well, as I have read it is a good deterrent when you sprinkle it around the perimeter of the garden. I will be adding another row or two of the fence once I have gotten it extended to where the corn and squash will be and figure out a gate!


Peppers on the outside row, and tomatoes on the next one. Along with petunias, marigolds and nasturtiums!


Yay for baby tomato plants! These were buried all the way to below the bottom of the row. This should give me a nice root system, which will help with growth. I need another 15-20 plants though.


Broccoli! I have planted some mint with these and more flowers as well, but did that yesterday, after I had taken this picture. I had a LOT of white cabbage moths last year, and lost all of my cabbage and had lots of caterpillars on my broccoli. I am really hoping my companion planting will deter them! I will cover them if necessary though. The chickens LOVED the caterpillar filled cabbage though 🙂 So it wasn’t a total loss.


Cabbage and then the pea rows! I am hoping this works ok, I have not really found many references to cabbage near peas. Fingers crossed!  I planted some sunflowers and lots of nasturtiums with the peas. The cabbage has some mint (you can sort of see it in the middle of the row), along with a petunia and I sprinkled some egg shell on the row. I will be mulching all around the plants as they grow up, but need to wait until all my flower seeds sprout.


I soaked my pea seeds for 24 hours. This is what they look like after that. Its a great way to shorten the germination in the ground and get sprouts a little faster. I will soak the corn and squash seeds as well.


My cat actually loves being in the garden with me. He is a talker, and was talking to me at this point. And that milk jug is holding my crushed egg shell. All of the veggies other than the peas have gotten some sprinkled in the holes before I planted.



I am so excited the garden is coming together! It rained last night, so I need to go make sure everything is doing great! And see how muddy it is, as I have more rows to create and I need to finish planting the peas. I take most of my garden pictures with my phone for now, as I send updates to my husband in ND. Once I get my camera charger back from where I left it in CA, I will get some with my camera 🙂 This works for now, I upload the photos from the app on my phone and come back on the computer to edit and add all my jabber 🙂


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