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Doing great! July 8, 2013

Everything is growing well. We have harvested some broccoli and will have zucchini soon. Potatoes are flowering! Yay for gardens 🙂

Nathan was very excited to get some broccoli from the garden! He ran to the house with this to show his brother and sister 🙂 He loves walking the garden with me and finding the new things that are growing. His excitement is so contagious and makes me feel like we are doing something right 🙂


They are getting SO BIG!!! We are introducing treats to them and so far, they are loving it! The watermelon was a huge hit!


Here is a shot from by the cucumbers. You can see the broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and various flowers we have planted throughout.


CORN!!! It always amazes me how fast the corn grows!! Behind the corn is a spaghetti squash that I will be training to go inbetween the corn rows. I am working on getting the rows set up for flood irrigation. Right now, I just walk between to water, but soon, that will not be easy. So its blocking the ends and making a trail for the water time 🙂


Tomatoes! I am trying a different type of support. Posts and chicken wire. I am not sure the wire will be tough enough :/ next year, we may have to buy difference fencing. So far so good though.


Zucchini! We love zucchini so we are very excited for this! I like to add it to all sorts of things. It really does not change the flavor a lot, but it can add bulk to things like tacos, sloppy joes, spaghetti. This year, I am going to pick up a thing to make zucchini noodles, to cut down the amount of pasta I cook. But, I highly recommend shredding some zucchini and adding it to your dishes. See how your family likes it.


We had a storm come through and the kids were super excited to see  this double rainbow 🙂


Why hello little turkeys!! These guys LOVE my phone and whenever I try to get a picture of the group, I end up with turkey faces.


Cucumbers! I really need to work on supports for these. I have a LOT of female flowers but no males :/ I am hoping the bees we have will bring the necessary pollen in to get some cucumbers growing on the vines.


WORMS!! I ordered worms from Uncle Jims Worm Farm and they arrived. This was an order of 2000. I am going to make another post showing my set up and more information about this. These guys are going to help my garden out tremendously!



ps! I upload my photos in batches from my phone, since that is what I have with me most of the time. So always be sure to check back to see if I have edited 🙂 Its just easier for me to do it this way, instead of trying to type all of this out on the phone. Thanks for reading!


One Response to “Doing great!”

  1. I looked at the double rainbow picture for 5 minutes, closed my eyes, and wished I was there. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful landscape.

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